012: How To Feed A Family While Counting Macros With Lillie Biesinger

Lillie Biesinger from @lillielovesmacros is a goldmine for macro and family friendly recipes. She feeds her kids and her husband while tracking macros and shares her tips and tricks to do both successfully.

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011: Macros Aren’t Magic – Setting Your Own Macros

One question I get asked time and time again is “how does counting macros work” and “how do I set my macros.” Today on the podcast I answer both of those questions.

Here’s the truth: every online formula, every coach, every calculator is an ESTIMATE AT BEST and should be viewed only as a STARTING POINT. From there take the process in 3 steps:

  1. Learn the Basics
  2. Nail Consistency
  3. Adjust to Get Results

Of course you can hire someone. Of course a good coach is going to help you work through the sticking points of figuring out consistency. And a really good coach is going to help you dive into the mindset which creates your reality.

There is nothing magic about your macros. The biggest thing is viewing it all as an experiment – starting, being consistent, and then adjusting to get the results that you want.

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010: Eating Less Isn’t Always Better: A Reverse Dieting Case Study With Shauna Torenvliet

Society constantly tells us that the blanket answer for success is always eating less – it’s not true. For many people the right next step is eating more through a reverse diet.

Shauna Torenvliet shares her experience and success going through her first reverse diet.

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009: How To Know When To Reverse Diet

The goal with reverse dieting is to slowly work to increase your calories from a deficit to maintenance levels which will allow you to maintain your weight loss while eating more food. Reverse dieting is important to allow you to maintain your weight loss long term.

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Listen in today to learn:

  1. What metabolic adaptation is and why it’s important to work WITH your body and not against it.
  2. The worst thing you can do following a successful weight los period.
  3. The 4 groups of people who should consider a reverse diet
  4. The goal of a reverse diet
  5. What the hardest part of a reverse diet is and how to combat it.

008: Why The Secret To Weight Loss Is Enjoying The Process with Cali Gibbs

Today on the podcast, Amber chats with Cali Gibbs. Cali was one of Amber’s “Ditch The Diet” coaching clients who completed the 12-week program. Today Cali’s sharing her story about how she lost weight, boosted her confidence and re-gained control of her life through the help of Amber. Cali gives some advice and encouragement to women who are thinking about joining Amber’s program but just aren’t sure where to begin. She also provides some tips and tricks on how to distribute your macros throughout the day and how to save some tasty choices for date nights, parties and family gatherings. Cali teaches the listeners how to love the process and keep your results after the program has ended.


-Going through the program while being a full time mom and raising kids

-Dieting for 6 months prior to the program without seeing results.

-Coaching provides the ability to not overthink things. A coach gives you the tools; you just have to focus on the execution.

-Conscious Intention.

-Saving food choices for specific events.

-Giving up perfection.

-How to stop focusing on a timeline and instead focusing on lifestyle changes.

-Building on small victories.

-How to keep going when the program ends.

The Takeaway:

You have to enjoy the process and stop focusing on the numbers.

It’s about making lifestyle shifts that will continue to last.

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Biceps After Babies





007: How To Eat Out While Counting Macros With Heidi Bollard and Natalie DuLaney

Natalie DuLaney and Heidi Bollard from @butteryourmacros know a thing or two about balancing eating at restaurants while hitting their fitness goals. Hear them share their 5 best tips for eating out without breaking your macro bank:

  1. Plan ahead and research the restaurant before you go.
  2. Read and scan the menu carefully and look for key words like raw, grilled, steamed, baked to direct you to macro-friendly options.
  3. Eat half, and pack the other half so you can weigh it at home.
  4. Pick a decisive amount to eat rather than eating mindlessly.
  5. Eat slowly and take time to enjoy it.

Follow Heidi and Natalie on Instagram at @butteryourmacros and @butteryourmacros_restaurants. Also check out their website.

006: 10 Things I Have Learned As A Fitness Coach

3 years as a fitness coach has taught me a thing or two about how to get results. I have 10 secret that will help you create transformation from the inside out and I share them with you in this episode.

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005: How to Focus on Progress Not Perfection with Monica Packer

Monica Packer has interviewed hundreds of guests over the past two years for her podcast About Progress. In this episodes she shares the 4 things she has learned about focusing on progress not perfection and how you can change your mindset about your results.

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Listen to Monica’s podcast, About Progress!

004: 5 Things I Want You To Know As You Start Your Fitness Journey

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003: Losing 50 Pounds From A Place Of Love with Becca Jackson

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