I chat with Jasmine Shea, founder of Your Dinner is Planned, not only about food and fitness, but also – GOALS. Jasmine, like myself, is a huge believer in setting goals and making sure our mindset surrounding those goals is positive and forward-moving. She has a lot of good insight and takeaways which you can utilize in any aspect of your life.

Highlights of Jasmine Shea's Interview: 

  • If you aren’t taking the responsibility to follow thru on your goals, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how important they are to you. (15:54)
  • gratitude HAS to be part of your journey otherwise you’ll never be able to progress. (16:42)
  • Shifting your perspective can be a great boost, example: change “sacrifice” to “opportunity”. (22:16)
  • Every goal and choice we make is practice for how we can achieve our bigger goals. (27:05)
  • As moms, taking time to set goals and achieve is not selfish. (31:26)

Overall, Jasmine Shea is a fountain of wisdom and a goal-setting guru. She has found that the goals themselves care important but what is more important is how you view your progress towards those goals. The more you view them as practice and lessons rather than failure, the more progress you will make. 


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