6-Week Training Program B: Push/Pull/Legs




Want to get started lifting weights but have no idea how to begin? This 6-week training program can be followed at the gym or at home and will give you confidence that the time you are spending working out is actually getting you closer to your goal of a strong, healthy body.

I put this program together for any woman who wants to maximizing fat loss while adding muscle. The six weeks have a combination of weight lifting, High Intensity Interval Training, and Low Intensity Steady State Cardio.

Guaranteed by the end of 6 weeks you will be stronger than when you started and much more comfortable with weights!

Workout duration: 5 days 30-45 minutes, including cardio

Equipment needed: dumbbells


*For true beginner lifters purchase and complete Program A before Program B. For those already somewhat comfortable with weights either Program A or B is a fine starting point.


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