Today Amber is speaking to all the new mamas out there who are trying to merge counting macros with breastfeeding. Often times, moms think they have to pick between either losing the baby weight OR feeding and nourishing their baby.

However, after coaching hundred of breastfeeding women, Amber finds that is definitely not the case.  You do not have to pick. It is possible to do both. She shares 5 tips for nursing moms who are trying to find that “sweet spot” of losing the baby weight while maintaining their supply.


1. Wait until you have an established milk supply – AT LEAST 6 weeks.

2. Account for your nursing by adding 200-400 calories.

3. Make sure your protein is high.

4. Food quality matters.

5. Adjust as you need to

Take away:

It is possible to lose the baby weight and have a quality milk supply to nourish your baby.

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