Amber comes on the podcast today to talk about the different body types and how they respond differently to training and food. Not only does she teach you how to identify where you fit on the body type continuum, but she also teaches you how to adjust your training and nutrition to match your body type.


  • The best type of exercise is one that you will do. 
  • Weightlifting increases your metabolism
  • Strength training keeps you high functioning as you age. 
  • As you age, you lose muscle mass which slows your metabolism.  
  • Weightlifting changes the focus from what you look like, to what you can DO.  
  • Don’t let labels keep you from hitting your goals. 

Three body types:

  1. Ectomorphs have a lean build, a hard time gaining muscle, a fast metabolism, should focus on weight lifting rather than cardio, need to eat a lot of carbs to build muscle. 
  2. Endomorphs have a bigger build, have a hard time losing fat, have a slower metabolism, usually do better on lower carbs, and should do more cardio, but still include weights in their training.
  3. Mesomorphs have an athletic build, can put on muscle and lose fat fairly easy, a lot of bodybuilders are mesomorphs. 


Don’t let a label tell you what you can or can’t do. Use this body type label to help you reach your goals; not to give you a ceiling of what is possible. 



What is your body type? Take a quiz to find out.