This is post #2 of the Healthy Holiday Series.

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Holiday nutrition is all about BALANCE. You know that word that you hate hearing because it’s not precise or exact?

The truth is that balance looks different for everyone and part of being successful is knowing where you fall on the “how hard I am on myself” continuum.



If you are someone who consistently finds yourself saying “oh it’s the holidays and this candy cane is totally worth it” every darn day of the month of December, you likely fall towards the side of being too easy on yourself.

Yes, living life is important. Yes, celebrating the holidays is important. And yes, I would even argue that eating your most favorite holiday foods is important. But, that doesn’t mean that every single day you should be making an exception for the indulgence that is currently in front of you and then wondering why you don’t get the results you want.

On the flip side, if you are someone who really restricts yourself and gets hives just thinking about drinking a full-fat cup of hot chocolate after caroling even though it’s one of your favorite traditions from your childhood, you may need to recognize that balance means living a little. It doesn’t mean eating every single cookie offered to you, but it also doesn’t mean passing on your yearly favorites that bring you joy.

To me, balance really means consciously indulging. That means eating foods that are worth it, and skipping those that aren’t.

As you are thinking about whether you will eat another cookie off the plate your neighbors dropped off think, “Do I really want this? Is it really worth the calories?”

If the answer is yes, eat it mindfully and savor every last bite.
If the answer is no, be ok passing on it recognizing that you can have any food that you want – you are just choosing the foods that actually matter the most to you.

The moral: say NO to the treats you really don’t love so you can say YES to the ones you do.




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