About Coaching

If you have tried all kinds of diets without success, the problem likely isn't you.

Diets don’t work in the long-run because they teach you nothing about sustainable healthy eating.

What most people do is hop from diet to diet trying to find the quick fix. They cut out food groups and suffer for a set period of time to drop weight as quickly as possible and then when they finish they boomerang right back to the unhealthy eating patterns that caused the weight problem in the first place!

Sound familiar? I thought so.

If you are looking for a quick fix or diet, I’m not your girl. There are plenty of other people willing to sell you quick fixes. In my 1:1 coaching we focus on creating sustainable habits. I arm you with the knowledge and tools that are going to help you learn moderation in your diet. You won’t cut out food groups and I won’t force you to do exercise you hate. Instead I will educate, motivate, and keep you accountable as you learn to implement the tool of macro counting to hit your goals. With me by your side, you are going to learn and develop sustainable eating habits – ones that you can keep using long after your coaching session is over.

Coaching is a partnership, and I want you to be primed to get the most our of our relationship.

To help you be successful I will:

Answer all your questions in a timely manner

Educate you on a variety of common topics related to fitness, macros, and general nutrition.

Adjust your macros as needed

Suggest workout adjustments as needed to maximize progress

To be successful you will:

Be responsible to check in with me at least weekly via email

Dedicate the time to learn how to track, plan, and log your food

Hit your set macro goals and workouts each week

Ask questions if you don’t understand something

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