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What To Do When You Mess Up

Consider this analogy:

This morning you slept through your alarm, hit traffic on the way to work, and end up 30 minutes late to work. What do you do?

Do you beat yourself up for being so weak and decide that since you already missed 30 minutes of work you might as well just go home?


Most of us would respond like a grown-up; we would look at what contributed to being late and commit to being on time for work the next day.

Why are we able to be adult about being late but are childish about making a mistake with our food choices?

Why when we eat a slice of cake that wasn't planned do we feel extreme guilt, berate ourselves for lacking willpower, and throw in the towel for the rest of the day?

Here's the truth – you are going to mess up. You are going to eat things you wished you hadn't. It's NORMAL.

What really matter is what happens next. People who are successful are ones who can learn from their decision and improve.

The first step is taking ownership of your decisions.

If there is a cookie or a slice of pizza that is tempting I make a choice about whether to eat it or not. So often we try and justify what we ate by saying “I ate it because _________” Whatever comes next is your justification and it allows you to stop taking responsibility for your actions.

Instead I want you to hold onto your power of choice and wield it daily. If you are offered a piece of cake decide if you really want to eat it. Is it worth it to you? If you do choose to eat it, will you own your choice without guilt? If the answer is yes then enjoy that bad boy! Savor the heck out of it! You chose it thoughtfully, taking full responsibility for the decision.

However – maybe you ate the cake when you had previously told yourself that you weren't going to let it pass your lips. You let yourself down. Now you handle the choice like an adult.

1. Own the decision
2. Look at what contributed
3. Create a strategy to avoid messing up again
4. Get right back on track and MOVE ON

You are an adult, you made a choice, and that's it.

The more you can look at the slip-up as a learning experience and one that defines your worth the more successful you are going to be getting to the place where you can hit your fitness goals and find peace with your food.

Are you tired?

I woke up exhausted Wednesday morning. My youngest has been waking up with coughing fits during the night and I got up around 11:30 pm to care for him and then couldn't get back to sleep so I got up, had some midnight cereal (Reese's Puff, duh!), took some benadryl, and read a book until I went back to sleep around 1 am.

My son woke me up at 7 am and the first thought I had when I opened my eyes was I'M EXHAUSTED.

But there was my 9 year old waking me up to ask me to open up the mason jar of syrup. I was so tired I told him to bring it to me, which he promptly did. I didn't even open my eyes and popped the metal seal with my fingernails and BAM  syrup was suddenly all over my bed.

Yeah, that really happened.

I dragged myself out of bed, stripped the sheets and threw them into the wash just knowing that the day was going to be awful.

While simultaneously making breakfast and thinking about my Instagram post for the day (yes, I think about you a lot!) my mind drifted to something I heard before that goes like this:

Being tired is a story we tell ourselves.

That's right. We tell ourselves all sorts of stories through the day. They are called “stories” because they are not the truth and they can be rewritten because you get to be the author of your life. 

What's your favorite selt-sabotaging stories? We all have them. What do you hear repeated in your mind over and over again that you have chosen to believe?

It might be:

“I can never stick to my goals” or
“I am always going to be fat” or
“I suck at eating healthy” or
“I never know what to do at the gym” or
“I'm too busy to meal prep” or
“I could never ever squat more than 150 lbs”

Here's a truth bomb: What you focus on becomes your reality.

That means if you are constantly telling yourself, “I'm too busy to exercise” guess what happens? You are too busy to exercise.

So what I did about my story of being tired? I re-wrote it in my brain. I consciously stopped telling myself I was tired. I repeated the mantra, “I am awake and I have all the energy I need for my day.”


I had more energy, I didn't drag through my day, and I accomplished everything I needed to.

It's time to re-write those stories my friend. What are you telling yourself about yourself that isn't serving you? If you want to change your body, your life, or your circumstances start with replacing the negative stories with positive truths like:

“I am powerful and in control of my life” or
“I love feeling strong, healthy and in shape” or
“I choose food that fuels my body” or
“I love my exercise and I am confident at the gym” or
“I am a meal-prepping titan” or
“I am strong and I can squat 200 lbs”

It's going to feel like you are telling yourself a lie for awhile. Your brain is going to say “Uhhhhh, but you can't squat 200 lbs yet.” Or “Babe, you are 50 lbs overweight, you can't fool yourself into thinking you are healthy and in shape.”

That's the point. You are letting go of a story that's not serving you and is keeping you stagnant and replacing it with one that will change the way you think, feel, and act.

If you continue to repeat to yourself “I am strong and I can squat 200 lbs” guess who is going to have a 200 lb squat in the future?

If you repeat “I love feeling strong, healthy, and in shape” guess who is going to lose weight?

That's right – you are.

Come up with one story you tell yourself about fitness. How you can change that to a positive affirmation that you can start to repeat to yourself until you accomplish it? Hold onto that mantra. Repeat it to yourself morning and night. It will feel funny at first because it's not reality, but keep doing it.

Because remember, what you focus on becomes your reality, not the other way around.