022: The Truth About Fitness Competitions with Lindsey Mathews

If you are thinking about doing a fitness competition, or are curious about what a competition entails, this podcast is for you! Amber brings Lindsey Mathews, a pro fitness competitor, on the podcast today to share her behind-the-scenes journey of competing. Lindsey opens up and shares raw and real feelings about the truths behind competing. She answer the question of whether or not she will compete again in the future.


  • There are benefits and drawbacks to competing.
  • Contest prep starts 4-6 months out and is quite time consuming and intense.
  • It is important to start a prep with high calories and little cardio then gradually increase cardio and decrease macros.
  • Dedication doesn’t end when the fitness show ends.
  • How you can recognize thyroid issues
  • Competing takes a toll on your body image
  • There are definitely risks to competing and becoming stage lean.
  • If you are going to do a show: get a coach, be educated, and listen to your body.
  • There is a big difference between “lifestyle lean” and “stage lean”

Take away:

If you are going to do a fitness competition educate yourself, take a hard look at the risks, and go into the decision with your eyes wide open.

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021: How To Count Macros While Nursing

Today Amber is speaking to all the new mamas out there who are trying to merge counting macros with breastfeeding. Often times, moms think they have to pick between either losing the baby weight OR feeding and nourishing their baby.

However, after coaching hundred of breastfeeding women, Amber finds that is definitely not the case.  You do not have to pick. It is possible to do both. She shares 5 tips for nursing moms who are trying to find that “sweet spot” of losing the baby weight while maintaining their supply.


1. Wait until you have an established milk supply – AT LEAST 6 weeks.

2. Account for your nursing by adding 200-400 calories.

3. Make sure your protein is high.

4. Food quality matters.

5. Adjust as you need to

Take away:

It is possible to lose the baby weight and have a quality milk supply to nourish your baby.

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020: Ask Amber Anything About Macros

On today’s episode, Amber is answering YOUR questions about macros. She asked the ladies on her email list what questions they have about macros; Amber answers those questions here on the podcast today. She covers a variety of topics from how to handle Fast Sundays while trackingto knowing when you should move from a cut to maintenance. So, whether you are new to macros, or feel like you are an expert, you’ll learn something new. And who knows, maybe your question will be read aloud and answered.


  • Why so much protein? (3:35)
  • What is the most simple and effective way to meal plan? (8:26)
  • How do you adjust macros for breastfeeding? (12:02)
  • When should you move from a cut to maintenance? (12:28)
  • If you slip up or have a cheat meal that puts you over your macros, should you reduce your macros for a few days to even things out? (16:33)
  • If you have to chose one, is it more important to stay at your calorie goal or to balance the macros even if that means going over? (18:43)
  • Does a revere diet have a set length like a cut does? Or do you steadily increase calories as long as you can? (21:05)
  • How do you fit macros around Fast Sunday? (22:07)
  • What are ways you can cut down on dietary fat (or any other macro) if you are always going over? (25:10)
  • What should you do when you are sick of tracking? (26:36)

Take away: If you like the Ask-Amber-Anything format, let her know. Send her an email or direct messages her on Instagram, and she will do it again.


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019: Beating Mom Guilt with Triplet Mom Marta Spirk

Today on the podcast, Amber talks with Marta Spirk who is a Success Coach. Marta Spirk shares her story of becoming the mom to triplets and finding herself again after the postpartum period. Marta can easily relate to moms who have lost themselves as they have attended to the needs of their children, as she is a mom to triplets! She remember becoming a mom and feeling lost and a little resentful – even though being a mom was all she ever wanted. Marta shares her story of having triplets and finding herself again after the postpartum period. She encourages women to take time for themselves and find what fulfills them. Marta is passionate about empowering women and helping them find their potential.


  • External change happens internally first.
  • Finding the sweet spot between cutting yourself some slack, and challenging yourself
  • Self-discovery and self-reflections are important as you try and find your passions and interests outside of being a mom
  • Taking care of yourself doesn’t make you a bad mom; it allows you to be more present for those around you.
  • Mindset shifts for newly postpartum moms.
  • Intentionality creates purpose
  • Recognizing self sabotage

Take away:
As you take care of yourself, it allows you to take better care of others.

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018: 10 Things I Am Scared To Tell You

In today’s episode, Amber pulls back the curtain and lets you see a side of her that you do not see on social media. She takes an idea started by Jess Lively, and gets raw and vulnerable as she gives you a “behind-the-scene” view of Amber. Amber shares her favorite thing to watch on YouTube, how she feels about Instagram, what makes her nervous, something she struggles with, where she envisions her business in 5-10 years, something she is not proud of, and a few other things you will be surprised to find out!

She is able to share all of this, knowing that what other people think of her, the opinions they have about her, are none of her business and they mean nothing about her.


  • There is power in acknowledging your imperfections, yet continuing to show
    up and improve.
  • Own who you are and where you are at in the journey of life
  • Being a multi-tasker can mean you are getting a lot done, but at what
  • The best thing you can do for content producers is to share and comment on
    their posts.
  • It doesn’t matter what people think of you.
  • Everyone out there has insecurities, guilt, fears, and quarks.
  • Learn from your past mistakes and move forward.

Take Away:
You can have a messy life and you can have things you are not proud of and can still show up and keep moving forward. No one is perfect. Own your past and your quirks because it is a part of you and who you are.



017: 3 Ways To Avoid The Comparison Trap with Sara Payne

Sara Payne is a life coach and fellow medical wife and specializes in helping women see their potential and become the very best versions of themselves. In today's episode we dive into the 3 ways to avoid the comparison trap with some very actionable things you can start today to make a difference! We also discuss the difference between comparison and competition and when each are valuable and when they become damaging.

For a free print out how to avoid compare and despair head to and look under “Free Resources.”

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016: 5 Steps To Becoming More Confidence with Elisabeth Mortensen

On today’s podcast, Amber speaks with Elisabeth Mortensen, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, military wife, and mom of 3. Having never worked out prior to giving birth and then struggling with postpartum weight afterwards, Elisabeth found herself becoming a slave to exercise and feeling like her worth came from the number on the scale and the miles she ran. Elisabeth shares her story of finding the “happy medium” with exercise and nutrition.

Even more compelling is her story of finding personal confidence. Elisabeth is passionate about helping other women find that confidence and the balance and happiness that comes with it. In this episode, Elisabeth shares 5 steps that anyone can implement to become more confident in who they are. Perhaps you too have struggled to find where true confidence comes from; you are not alone. Stay tuned to hear the insights and “life hack” lessons of Elisabeth Mortensen.


  • Adapting is always an option
  • What worked for someone may not work for you, as everyone’s lifestyle is different
  • When you let your value shine you go places.
  • How Elisabeth felt when she gained 60 pounds
  • How to change working out from being a punishment to a privilege
  • Having confidence in one area of your life allows it to spill over to other areas
  • Guilt comes when your choices don’t aline with your values
  • Keeping promises to yourself builds confidence
  • Be an individual – not to a copy of someone else.
  • Learn to make changes for work you, not against you.

Take away:
Fitness is a vehicle for making changes in your life as you develop personal integrity, set goals and achieve them, you develop confidence; and confidence can change the trajectory of your life.

The Amber mentions with the analogy of the elephant and the rope is from No Limits by John C. Maxwell.

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015: How To Get Out Of A Fitness Rut

I found myself in a fitness rut last year. I am guessing many of you can relate to that feeling. In this episode, I lay out the 4 steps I took to work through it and show you how I was able to come out the other side – better than ever.

Steps to beating a fitness rut:

  1. Lean into the challenge: Voluntary hardship is important. You are deciding that you are not the type of person who quits when it gets hard.
  2. Set new goals: New goals that matter to you light a fire of motivation and excitement for your workouts.
  3. Rework your current regimen: Keep doing what you are doing, just tweak it.
  4. Change it up: Transition to a new style of training.


014: My 2019 Goals

In last week's episode I outlined how to set your New Year's Resolutions for 2019. This week I take you behind the scenes to walk through my 2019 goals in order to hopefully inspire you to dream a little bigger this New Year!

My 4 big goals this year are:

  1. Double my business revenue
  2. Give more
  3. Practice mindfulness
  4. Strength my relationship with my Heavenly Parents

Resources talked about in the episode:

90x Goal Planner (save 20% with the code 90XGOALS)

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013: How To Set New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

New Year's Resolutions: you either love 'em or hate 'em.

I argue that if you hate them or they haven't worked for you in the past that's because you are doing them all wrong. In today's episodes I teach you the 6 steps to take to actually set New Year's Resolutions that change the trajectory of your year.

6 Steps to Setting Better New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Reflect
  2. Write down your goals – keep it simple
  3. Get clear on your why
  4. Reverse engineer your success
  5. Do the work, change who you are
  6. Detach from achieving the goal


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