Month: October 2019

056: BAB Radio Is One Year Old! (And a Life Update)

Biceps after Babies Radio is 1! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! This week’s episode is a bit different as I share some of my favorite episodes from the past year, and I give you some insight into my personal life – work, family, and workouts. I hope you continue to share your favorite episodes! And, as always, let me know what you want to hear about on future episodes of BAB Radio.  


Favorite Guest Episodes:

Episode 39 – I chat with my 12-yr old daughter Kate. 

Episode 27 – I chat with my mom about raising healthy children. 

Episodes 37 and 40 I chat with my husband on his work specialty- pelvic floor.


Favorite Solo Episodes:

Episode 6 – 10 Things I’ve learned as a Fitness Instructor

Episode 28 – Failure doesn’t exist 

Episode 29 – RANT: Macros vs. Intuitive Eating

Episode 34 – “I Can’t Afford It” and Other Excuses Keeping You Stuck


Most Popular Episodes:

Episode 2 – 6 Simple Steps to Start Tracking Macros

Episode 11 – Macros Aren’t Magic – Setting Your Own Macros


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055: So You Wanna Get Strong? with Niki Sims

I get to chat with my former barbell coach, Niki Sims, about the overwhelming benefit of lifting. Most women are nervous to pick up a barbell either for aesthetic reasons, for fear of getting hurt, or for lack of knowing what to do with the barbell. All three of these can be solved with the aide of a coach, like Niki. If you are interested in using a coach, sign up for online coaching with Barbell Logic. Use discount code SIMS for $100 off your first month.


Highlights of this Podcast Episode Featuring Niki Sims:

  • Progressively overload – what is it and why do we need to utilize it to build strength? (10:38)
  • Dumbells are a good place to be, but you can only do so much with increasing your strength when you rely on dumbbells. (11:42)
  • How building muscle and strength will help you be self reliant as you age (16:32)
  • Niki and Amber’s most cringe-worthy practice in the fitness industry (26:00)
  • How should you get started in strength training? (28:57)


Sign up for online coaching with Barbell Logic.

Use discount code: SIMS for $100 off your first month.

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Hear about Amber’s experience with CrossFit: Episode 23 & Episode 54

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054: One Year Of CrossFit, What Have I Learned?

I have been doing CrossFit for just about a year; in this week’s episode I share 5 things that I have learned in that year. When I started CrossFit I already had a good base of strength build up. However, if you don’t have a lot of strength or haven't ever picked up a barbell, that  should not keep you away from a CrossFit Box! CrossFit is a great work out that provides variety, a community, accountability, and support, as you build strength. 

5 Takeaways from this One Year of CrossFit episode:

  • There are a lot of perceptions about CrossFit, you would probably be surprised to see how inaccurate most of them are – the point and focus has changed since it started. 
  • Regardless of how you exercise/train, it is ALWAYS you vs. you. 
  • The best way to learn anything, fitness included, is to layer habits. Master one part and then add another. 
  • If you aren’t feeling challenged, it’s time for you to find something else. 
  • Getting stronger is ALWAYS a good idea, no matter what your goals are. 

I have really enjoyed my time at CrossFit. I love the variety, and think that most people would highly benefit from the community feel, variance in workouts, and more focused coaching. That being said, if you have specific training goals, it may not be the best option for you.


Listen to Episode 23 where I talk about Power Lifting vs. CrossFit and why I switched.  

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