Month: August 2019

049: Getting Out Of Victim Mentality In Your Fitness Journey with Jennifer Mondada

Amber interviews client, Jennifer Mondada, about her experience with Macros 101 and how she overcame her victim mentality and became a do-er. Jennifer shares how she limited her abilities because of her age (56), health (hypothyroid and knee surgeries, osteoporosis, etc.) and hysterectomy. Her lesson and moral of the story – she is in control regardless of the facts. She has goals and she can crush them with consistency and determination. 

Highlights of this Podcast Episode: 

  • (08:26) Jennifer outlines all the reasons she thought she couldn’t lose weight or be strong anymore at this stage of life. 
  • (13:26) There are facts about your life that you can’t change, but you have control about how you view them and live your life. 
  • (18:04) Willppower is not enough to overcome and achevie. 
  • (22:08) Hard work will pay off but it may take longer than you want – you just need to keep going. 
  • (26:33) If you give up, that is the one way you assure you won’t get results.
  • (29:26) How do you keep going when you’re not motivated? 
  • (38:41) Current goals – strength focused rather than scale focused. 

Takeaway for this Podcast Episode: 

Every body and everybody is different. What isn’t different is the fact that dedication and consistency will yield results. Every time. They may not come as fast as you want, but they will come if you keep going. 



How to Start Tracking Macros, a podcast episode featured by top US personal trainer, Biceps After Babies

048: How to Start Tracking Macros: Everything You Need to Get Started

Whether you are new to counting macros or a seasoned veteran, this podcast on how to start counting macros is a great overview and can be such a valuable tool in achieving your fitness goals. Amber outlines 4 steps that are necessary for you in your macro counting journey as well as how to overcome common hurdles and provides a free counting macros Starter Kit. 

How to Start Counting Macros Highlights: 

  1. Understanding the basics. What are macros and why are they so important? (10:10)
  2. Get the right gear.
    • Gear – food scale, fitness tracker, body scale and tape measure (13:40)
    • Food – You don’t need to break the bank to track macros (20:44)
  3. Create a plan for your macros and for your workouts. (22:09)
    • This plan is a lot less involved/complex than you may think…
  4. Get started tracking and losing. (24:59)
    • Includes tips on how to handle spontaneous or hard-to-plan situations (28:35)

How to Start Counting Macros Take Away:

Macro tracking is not a diet in the way that the world uses the word “diet.” It enables you to live your life and achieve your goals eating the foods you love which means it is sustainable. It also doesn’t require expensive gear or weird food. You make macros work for you, not the other way around. 

Don’t forget to download the FREE Starter Kit to help you get started or renew your journey with macro tracking, click here!


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047: Top 3 Ways to Find More Time in Your Day with Maria Kang

Maria Kang, a famous mom in the fitness industry, comes on the podcast today to share her secrets for finding more time in a day.  Maria has been in the fitness industry for years and is a huge advocate for moms prioritizing their health and connecting with other like minded women. Listening to this episode will give you insight into how to make time to “do it all”. 


  • You are who you hang out with. 
  • Find like minded people to hang out with, because they normalize healthy behaviors. 
  • Taking care of yourself means taking care of your kids. 
  • You will find a way to make it happen if it means something to you. 
  • Make new goals every 12 weeks to avoid complacency.

3 tips for creating more time in your day: 

  1. Figure out where you're spending your time. 
  2. Figure out your flow times.
  3. Being able to focus – the one thing that will make anybody successful is the ability to focus. 

Take away: You make time for the things that are important to you. If it’s important you find the time, if not you find an excuse. 

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046: Top 5 Nutrition Strategies for Happy Hormones with Kaely McDevitt

Kaely McDevitt, a registered dietitian, comes on the podcast to share how to have healthy hormones. If you are feeling weight loss resistant or are wondering how to make sure your hormones are working for you, not against you, this episode is for you. You don't want to miss this fascinating episode.



Five tips to make sure you have happy hormones

  1. Eat enough total calories
  2. Don’t be afraid of healthy fats, because they make your hormones. 
  3. Keep blood sugar balanced, by having balanced meals and snacks. 
  4. Getting enough fiber 
  5. Focus on important nutrients: Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D, B6, Iodine. 


Take away: 

Little changes can make a big difference. 


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