Month: July 2019

045: How Should You Train? Your Body Type Matters!

Amber comes on the podcast today to talk about the different body types and how they respond differently to training and food. Not only does she teach you how to identify where you fit on the body type continuum, but she also teaches you how to adjust your training and nutrition to match your body type.


  • The best type of exercise is one that you will do. 
  • Weightlifting increases your metabolism
  • Strength training keeps you high functioning as you age. 
  • As you age, you lose muscle mass which slows your metabolism.  
  • Weightlifting changes the focus from what you look like, to what you can DO.  
  • Don’t let labels keep you from hitting your goals. 

Three body types:

  1. Ectomorphs have a lean build, a hard time gaining muscle, a fast metabolism, should focus on weight lifting rather than cardio, need to eat a lot of carbs to build muscle. 
  2. Endomorphs have a bigger build, have a hard time losing fat, have a slower metabolism, usually do better on lower carbs, and should do more cardio, but still include weights in their training.
  3. Mesomorphs have an athletic build, can put on muscle and lose fat fairly easy, a lot of bodybuilders are mesomorphs. 


Don’t let a label tell you what you can or can’t do. Use this body type label to help you reach your goals; not to give you a ceiling of what is possible. 



What is your body type? Take a quiz to find out. 


044: The Size Of Your Body Doesn’t Determine The Size Of Your Journey with Coach Tulin

From anorexic, to obese, to becoming a plus size health and fitness motivator, Coach Tulin has been every size. You will fall in love with her and she shares some gold mines from her journey. She speaks truth in such an eloquent way. She is motivating and inspiring and is not afraid to get vulnerable and say the real things. She has a unique perspective that will resonate with you no matter where you are on your fitness journey.


  • All of us lose weight in differents ways, and at different speeds.
  • It is important to be with people who are of the same mindset, and are moving towards the same place.
  • Star your journey from a place of gratitude
  • Destination doesn't matter, because you are doing something that is fun and aligns with how you want to feel.
  • When you start doing things that are fun, you are ALWAYS going to show up for you.
  • For every CAN’T there is a CAN.
  • When you are focusing on how far you have to go, you are focusing on the wrong thing.
  • If you can beat yourself up and talk negatively about yourself, you can talk positively too- it just takes a small shift.

Take away:

When you start moving your body by doing things that are fun, you are ALWAYS going to show up for you.

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043: The Day I Performed CPR On My Son AKA The Worst Day Of My Life

Amber shares an emotional story of her son’s near drowning experience.  She shares this traumatic experience in hopes to prevent other mothers from having a similar accident. Hearing her story reminds other to be vigilant and present, especially in this day and age when we are so easily distracted by our phones. After listening to this episode you will hold those you love a little bit closer.


  • She shares in hopes to prevent other mothers from having the same experience.
  • Her story is a reminder that accidents can happen fast, it's important to be present.
  • We are not perfect moms, but that’s not our goal.
  • Guilt, fear, shame, were all very present even after the accident was other.
  • So many prompting and miracle had come from Heavenly Father.
  • We are all doing our very best.

Take away:

As moms we often feel guilt for things we did or didn’t do – remember we are all just doing our very best.

042: 4 Mistakes Made In A Reverse Diet

A reverse diet is the most important part of your weight loss journey, yet it is often overlooked. Many believe their fat loss journey is finished when they hit their goal weight, but it is crucial to finish with a reverse diet.  A reverse diet is what sets you up for long term success. Listen to this episode to avoid making the most common reverse dieting mistakes.


  • A reverse diet is taking advantage of metabolic adaptation
  • A reverse diet can be mentally challenging (our brains have been trained to think that if we eat more, we will gain weight)
  • Most of your life should be spent at maintenance.
  • It is important to set goals that are outside of the way your body looks.
  • Focus on what your body CAN do .
  • A lot of freedom comes from eating at maintenance.

Most common reverse diet mistakes:

  1. Not doing a reverse diet after a cut.
  2. Only paying attention to the scale, rather than the whole picture.
  3. Not staying at maintenance for long enough.
  4. Not moving on to another goal.

Take away:

In order to have long term success, reverse diet should be the ending piece to every weight loss journey.

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041: “Should I Workout While Pregnant?” with Tessa Romero

Tessa Romero, a pre and postnatal specialist, comes on the podcast today to discuss all things pregnancy and fitness related.  She is a strong believer that pregnancy is one of the most important times
to focus on health and nutrition. If you are pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant, this episode has a lot of great tips for making the most of those 9 months.



  • People experience pregnancy in such a wide variety.
  • The more common mistake is sitting on one extreme or the other. Either not exercising at all, and  using pregnancy as a time to take a break; OR going all out and not acknowledging your abdomen and pelvic floor.
  • It is important to find a happy medium.
  • Pregnancy is a good time for maintenance
  • Know yourself, know where you are on the continuum.
  • Pregnancy is not a good time to kick your feet up. It is a good time to focus on health and nutrition
  • A good labor, delivery, and recovery comes from what you do during those 9 months of pregnancy.

Take away:

People experience pregnancy in such a wide variety. Find what type of movement helps you feel your best mentally and physically and stick with it. 


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