Month: February 2019

023: CrossFit vs Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting

Amber shares how her fitness routine has changed since she stepped into the gym at age 14. She has gone through different styles of training; starting with group fitness and moving through bodybuilding, powerlifting, and onto crossfit. Amber compares and contrasts these different training styles and gives listeners an idea of what the different lifting styles look like.



  • Focus on hypertrophy.
  • Do isolate lifts in addition to compound movements.
  • Work in the 8-12 rep range.  
  • 4-6 day split, often pairing push and pull muscle groups together.
  • Hard to do a home because it requires a lot of equipment.
  • Visual see changs.
  • There is a lot of variety.
  • Big focus on what your body looks like, rather than strength.
  • Great starting place.


  • Focus on strength and linear progression
  • Mostly compound lifts, not a lot of accessory work
  • Recovery is a huge part
  • Quantitative improvements, track and see progress easily
  • Repetitive, you are always doing the same movements
  • 3-4 day split
  • Low rep range
  • Progress slows down as you become more advanced


  • Focus on other all fitness
  • Community
  • Everyday is different, a lot of variety
  • Always something to work on and improve
  • You don’t have to think about, just some up and execute
  • Not a focus on progressive overload
  • A lot of cardio and not as much heavy lifting  

Take away:

  • Amber compares and contrasts different styles of training.

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022: The Truth About Fitness Competitions with Lindsey Mathews

If you are thinking about doing a fitness competition, or are curious about what a competition entails, this podcast is for you! Amber brings Lindsey Mathews, a pro fitness competitor, on the podcast today to share her behind-the-scenes journey of competing. Lindsey opens up and shares raw and real feelings about the truths behind competing. She answer the question of whether or not she will compete again in the future.


  • There are benefits and drawbacks to competing.
  • Contest prep starts 4-6 months out and is quite time consuming and intense.
  • It is important to start a prep with high calories and little cardio then gradually increase cardio and decrease macros.
  • Dedication doesn’t end when the fitness show ends.
  • How you can recognize thyroid issues
  • Competing takes a toll on your body image
  • There are definitely risks to competing and becoming stage lean.
  • If you are going to do a show: get a coach, be educated, and listen to your body.
  • There is a big difference between “lifestyle lean” and “stage lean”

Take away:

If you are going to do a fitness competition educate yourself, take a hard look at the risks, and go into the decision with your eyes wide open.

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021: How To Count Macros While Nursing

Today Amber is speaking to all the new mamas out there who are trying to merge counting macros with breastfeeding. Often times, moms think they have to pick between either losing the baby weight OR feeding and nourishing their baby.

However, after coaching hundred of breastfeeding women, Amber finds that is definitely not the case.  You do not have to pick. It is possible to do both. She shares 5 tips for nursing moms who are trying to find that “sweet spot” of losing the baby weight while maintaining their supply.


1. Wait until you have an established milk supply – AT LEAST 6 weeks.

2. Account for your nursing by adding 200-400 calories.

3. Make sure your protein is high.

4. Food quality matters.

5. Adjust as you need to

Take away:

It is possible to lose the baby weight and have a quality milk supply to nourish your baby.

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020: Ask Amber Anything About Macros

On today’s episode, Amber is answering YOUR questions about macros. She asked the ladies on her email list what questions they have about macros; Amber answers those questions here on the podcast today. She covers a variety of topics from how to handle Fast Sundays while trackingto knowing when you should move from a cut to maintenance. So, whether you are new to macros, or feel like you are an expert, you’ll learn something new. And who knows, maybe your question will be read aloud and answered.


  • Why so much protein? (3:35)
  • What is the most simple and effective way to meal plan? (8:26)
  • How do you adjust macros for breastfeeding? (12:02)
  • When should you move from a cut to maintenance? (12:28)
  • If you slip up or have a cheat meal that puts you over your macros, should you reduce your macros for a few days to even things out? (16:33)
  • If you have to chose one, is it more important to stay at your calorie goal or to balance the macros even if that means going over? (18:43)
  • Does a revere diet have a set length like a cut does? Or do you steadily increase calories as long as you can? (21:05)
  • How do you fit macros around Fast Sunday? (22:07)
  • What are ways you can cut down on dietary fat (or any other macro) if you are always going over? (25:10)
  • What should you do when you are sick of tracking? (26:36)

Take away: If you like the Ask-Amber-Anything format, let her know. Send her an email or direct messages her on Instagram, and she will do it again.


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